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I have a wide range of kit available for hire from full long lens kits to an array of specialist macro gear. 


A few items are listed below but if you'd to see what is available for hire I can provide a full kit list with rates - just reach out to me here!

If you have specific requirements for your shoot and you'd like to have a conversation about what might be the best choice I'm really happy to chat about this.


The right tool for the job is incredibly important and I don't like to take pointless items on location so to save both money and time it's best to speak openly before the shoot.


Slim - 6 axis Robot Arm 

6 Axis robot arm available for hire through Motion Picture Robotics

12kg payload

2.5m reach

Portable to anywhere in the world (can fly with it)

Nanometer accuracy 

Full FIZ Control




6k Full Frame Camera

12 bit Prores Raw (to Ninja)

6k @ 60fps & 4k @ 120fps 

Remote Operation Capability via POE 

Underwater Remote Operation Capability 

IR Adaptation Capability



6k Super 35 Camera

12 bit Prores Raw (to Ninja)

6k @ 60fps & 4k @ 120fps 

Remote Operation Capability via POE 

Underwater Remote Operation Capability 

IR Adaptability Capability


5D Mark IV

30 megapixel camera that is a workhorse for timelapse photography


Kessler Cineshooter Macro Slider Kit

Incredibly accurate macro slider kit with ability to under-sling available for wet or dry hire. Can take heavy payloads up to 50lbs.

Kessler Second Shooter Slider Kit

Lightweight slider kit brilliant for timelapse or lighter cameras. Also works really well as a turntable.


Full range of lenses

A wide range of lenses (all EF) a few are listed below: 

- 60-600mm +1.4x extender

- 70-200mm 2.8

- 85mm 1.5 

- 50mm 1.2

- 16-35mm 2.8 

- 100mm macro

- 55mm macro 

- 24mm Probe

- 15mm macro

To get a full list please contact me directly.

Salty UW Housing for ZCAM 

Underwater housing for ZCAM E2 cameras, can be used for remote UW operation or works great as a freediving UW camera.


Mavic 2 Pro full kit

Full Mavic 2 Pro kit with 4 batteries & iPad for monitoring.


A range of lights as listed below: 

- Godox 150W 

- Panel lights (can be linked with PIR sensor for camera trapping) 

- Relio Fibre Optics

- Relio IR Lights


Follow Focus 

A range of follow focus kit listed below: 

- Custom Macro Focus Positioner 

- Wooden Camera Follow Focus

- Tilta Nucleus Nano


- Vinten Vision 20 Heavy Duty Tripod 

- Baby Legs

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